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  • KIOSKIX - a hosted cloud solution for photo booths, photo printing kiosks, social media kiosks, hashtag printers, video display systems, payments terminals - read description.
  • MASS Ombrello - a solution to optimize the operator of the contact center - read description.
  • MASS Web Dealer - a Web-based solution for support of dealer's and proper sales of the telecommunication features and customer services - read description.
  • MASS Web Self-Care - a personal account of clients who use the telecommunication services - read description.
  • iQ Knowledge Management - a knowledge management system for the departements of customer services - read description.
  • iQ E-learning - a learning system for the departements of customer services.
  • i-conX Interconnect Billing - an inter-operator billing for the telecommunication operators - read description.
  • i-conX Routing Optimisation - an routing optimisation of long-distance and international calls for the telecommunication operators - read description.
  • MASS Service Provisioning (SP) - a solution on the service activation - read description.

    Additional modules for MASS Service Provisioning:

    • MASS Product Management (PM) - for support of complex service packages
    • MASS Service Tickets (ST/CRM) - for processing subscriber requests.
    • MASS Network Inventory (NI) - for the logical network infrastructure service delivery documentation - read description.

    Checked application areas:

    • Operators of broadband Internet access over telephone and coaxial cables.
    • Traditional operators of fixed and mobile communications , expanding its service packages.
    • Operators of multi-service networks (NGN) , providing single-/ double-/ triple-/quadro-play services.
    • Operators of digital television and other streaming services: Timeshift-TV, VoD, GoD, etc.